6PAK Whey Protein 80 White Chocolate Raspberry 30g


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Innovative formula combining whey concentrate with buttermilk

6PAK Nutrition Milky Shake Whey stands out from similar products in that it contains buttermilk and a new, improved formula of whey protein concentrate. Thanks to this, when using only water, you will get a thick drink with an excellent milk taste. The source of protein (71%) is high-quality whey concentrate (WPC). Other important features are low fat content, no aspartame and no gluten.

The product is an ideal proposition for people involved in sports, with an increasing demand for protein in the diet, especially recommended during strength, endurance and endurance training. Proteins are a source of amino acids for the body, as a result they contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and help maintain healthy bones. The instant formula allows you to easily and quickly prepare a delicious shake.

The perfect protein supplement for the most demanding

6PAK Nutrition Milky Shake Whey is a high-protein nutrient designed to provide all physically active people not only with wholesome proteins, but also the sensational taste and consistency of a thick shake. By choosing this product, you focus on the highest quality and original solutions at a reasonable price. The formula of the conditioner is based only on a wholesome source of protein, which is whey protein concentrate (WPC). It is characterized by a very good amino acid profile (very similar to the standard human protein aminogram). The body’s need for nutrients increases with physical activity. Sometimes it is difficult to provide the right amount of wholesome protein, which makes us reach for high-protein supplements.

Even better solubility thanks to the instant formula

It should also be emphasized the instant formula of the conditioner, which means that the solubility of each serving does not cause any problems. The high concentration of branched chain amino acids BCAA and EAA improves regeneration, but also protects muscles against catabolism. Muscle tissue consists of about 35% of BCAA amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine) – it is therefore worth taking care of their proper supply in the daily diet. The more that they are not synthesized by the human body.