IronMaxx Muesli Bar Forrest Fruit 30g


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Healthy snack with lots of vitamins!

The new muesli bar from IronMaxx® is the perfect filler for those who are hungry! The combination of cereal flakes, cereal crispies and fruits (banana or berries) ensure a delicious taste experience. But the muesli bar scores points not only in terms of taste, because it also provides many valuable vitamins. The latch is:

Rich in vitamin C and thus contributes to normal function of the immune system and normal collagen formation for normal function of blood vessels, normal function of bones and normal function of energy metabolism

Rich in niacin, it helps to maintain normal skin and reduce tiredness and fatigue

Rich in vitamin B6 and thus contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism

Rich in folic acid and thus contributes to normal amino acid synthesis

Rich in pantothenic acid and thus contributes to normal mental performance

Thanks to a high fiber content, it is an ideal satiety for the road!

With over 6 g of fiber per bar, the muesli bar ensures optimal satiety. About 70% of the population find it difficult to meet their dietary fiber requirements (source: National Consumption Study II). The DGE (German Society for Nutrition) recommends an intake of 30 g of fiber per day, the bar covers 1/6 of the daily requirement of fiber with this small portion. By consuming dietary fiber, many athletes and non-athletes hope for a longer feeling of satiety, a healthy intestinal flora and, by lowering blood cholesterol, a lower risk of coronary heart disease.

Also ideal in the diet phase!

With 102 kcal, the muesli bar is also ideal for the diet or definition phase. Regardless of whether in your free time, at work or at home: the bar is a good choice in any case! The low-sugar muesli bar does not contain any added sugar *. So it can be enjoyed without a guilty conscience.

The new muesli bars come in two different flavors: banana and forest fruit. They’re even vegan and suitable for everyone. At only 30 g per bar, they fit in any hand or trouser pocket and are the perfect snack between meals!

* Naturally contains sugar


Per 100 g Per bar (30g)

Energy  349 kcal / 102 kcal
Fats   7.7 g / 2.3 g
of which saturated   5.1 g / 1.5 g
Carbohydrates    54 g / 16 g
of which sugars   4.5 g / 1.4 g
Protein   22 g / 6.4 g
Salt   0.07 g /  0.02 g

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