Nutrend Iso Drinkx Blue Raspberry + Caffeine 450g


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Because of the high content of rapidly absorbable carbohydrates and electrolytes, the instant liquid form of ISODRINX is an ideal energy source with optimal amounts of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The new formula contains no sweeteners.
  • 420 g = 6 l of isotonic or 9l of hypotonic drink
  • 1000 g = 14,3 l of isotonic or 21,5 l of hypotonic drink
80 mg of caffeine in the recommended product dose offers sufficient stimulation even for long-lasting activities, together with rapidly absorbable carbohydrates and electrolytes. The new product formula contains no sweeteners.
Recommended dosage: the dilution ratio for an ISOtonic beverage is 35 g to 500 ml of water (osmolality 275-305 mOsm/kg), the dilution ratio for a HYPOtonic beverage is 35 g to 750 ml (osmolality less than 250 mOsm/kg).Use: slightly heaped scoop = ca. 35 g. Mix with water according to the recommended dosage. Do not use mineral water. Once open store below 25 °C and consume within 2 months. Shake the package (bag) before use!

Flavoured non‑alcoholic beverage fortified with vitamins. Contains caffeine (16 mg/100 ml) – not suitable for children and pregnant or nursing women. Especially suitable for athletes.

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