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Beverly Nutrition Dofit Cookis & Cream

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Beverly Nutrition Dofit

Beverly Nutrition Dofit Speculoos Cream are healthy, nutritious and filled with a delicious protein cream. This makes them a unique and innovative product; perfect to take as a snack at any time of the day.  They contain a high percentage of proteins (13.3% – 14.9%) of the highest biological value (egg white and whey protein concentrate), serve as a source of fiber, have very low sugar content. Moreover, they are freshly-baked and are free of palm oil, preservatives, dyes, cholesterol and trans fats. Dofit Filling zero contains slow-absorbing carbohydrates, providing sustained energy and keeps blood sugar levels stable.

These will become your best travel partner because it is for anyone, both adults and children, who wants to enjoy a natural, delicious, nutritious snack without additives. It is simply an irresistible pleasure!