Beverly Nutrition Mufit
Beverly Nutrition Mufit Original Protein Muffin
Beverly Nutrition Mufit Protein Muffins with cranberries are delicious protein muffins
Beverly Nutrition Mufit Protein Muffin Chocolate

Beverly Nutrition Muffins box of 12


Beverly Nutrition Mufit Protein Muffin

Beverly Nutrition Protein Muffins  are delicious protein muffins with no added sugar compatible with a healthy and balanced diet. These are delicious  muffins with 14% protein of the highest biological value (egg white and whey protein concentrate). At last you can enjoy a really healthy food that gives you a source of fiber, it does not have added sugars. These muffins are baked (not fried) and totally free of palm oil, colorings, preservatives, cholesterol, trans fats and allergenic soy.

Mufit Zero is also characterised by containing slow absorption carbohydrates from whole-grain oatmeal, providing steadily energy and avoiding glycemic index peaks as it keeps stable blood sugar levels.

Mufit Zero is a nutritious snack suitable for both adults and children and it is recommended for any time of the day.

We can finally eat a healthy and balanced food without sacrificing a really delicious taste!

Available in chocolate, cranberries and original flavours.