Beverly Nutrition MYO3 Xplode 120 caps


MYO3 XPLODE acts as a myostatin inhibitor, permitting the production of new muscle fibers and, therefore, there is no limit to the generation of muscle mass. Furthermore, it avoids the generation of adipose tissue.

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MYO3 XPLODE – Beverly Nutrition- 120 capsules

MYO3 XPLODE from Beverly Nutrition, is the first myostatin inhibitor established for all those people who want to start their muscle growth naturally. Do you want to increase your muscle mass in a natural and defined way? MYO3 XPLODE from Beverly Nutrition is the first established myostatin inhibitor for all those people who want to start their muscle growth naturally, the product is clinically proven, where the myostatin point binds to the cell and acts by blocking myostatin naturally in the body, blocking this hormone produces a significant increase in muscle mass, especially following a balanced diet and training with weights. Myostatin is a protein that constitutes a molecular structure of 375 amino acids, acts as a negative computer for the increase of muscle mass, that is, it is a catabolic or anti-anabolic growth agent that increases the formation of fatty tissue.

MYO3 XPLODE from Beverly Nutrition contains all-natural ingredients such as ursolic acid, Coleus forskohlii (forskolin) and Piperine, ideal complements which combined help increase testosterone, powerful muscle builder and fat burner at the same time, has a known natural lipolytic action increasing the efficiency in the decomposition of fat and blocking the loss of muscle mass caused by hunger and denervation, helping to have a more defined body.

MYO3 XPLODE allows the production of new muscle fibers and that there is no limit during the intake of the product in the generation of muscular mass therefore it avoids the generation of adipose tissue. Using MYO3 XPLODE skeletal muscle mass grows up to 40% subsequently from its application of only 1 mg per kg of body weight per week for 3 months. Muscle strength will potentially double naturally.

Facts of MYO3 XPLODE from Beverly Nutrition

  • Increases skeletal muscle by 40%.
  • Contains ursolic acid, coleus forskolin and piperine.
  • The product is clinically proven.
  • Men and women can consume it.
  • Decreases myostatin levels to increase muscle growth.
  • Inhibits excessive fat accumulation.
  • Ultra concentrated formula.
  • Powerful anticabólico.
  • No adverse effects.

MYO3 XPLODE is a protein for people who play sports, especially physical bodybuilders and professional athletes, who seek to increase their muscles, the product contains ingredients such as ursolic acid is an ideal complement to use in combination with supplements to increase testosterone, A more defined body and muscles. For increased performance MYO3 XPLODE from Beverly Nutrition must be supplemented with a proper weight training routine to achieve optimal muscle growth and definition.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules daily, every 40-50 minutes before training. The rest days take 4 capsules before bed.