IronMaxx Vegan Protein Chocolate 500g


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The marvel among vegan protein powders

When developing the 100% Vegan Protein Zero, the goal of IronMaxx® was to create a vegan and sugar-free protein powder that can also convince with an excellent taste experience.

The innovative formula of 100% Vegan Protein Zero has largely avoided the sandy drinking experience of conventional vegan protein powder. At the same time, a creamy and fine shake consistency could be achieved, which is otherwise only used to animal protein powders.

Customers, employees and fans alike rave about the outstanding taste of this protein powder. Not only vegans were able to completely convince this premium vegetable protein.

100% vegan lifestyle!

A vegan lifestyle not only makes an important contribution to solving environmental problems, but can also help prevent many common diseases. In addition to animal proteins, we have recently started offering alternative vegan (protein) products. As so often in life, the right balance between an animal and vegan lifestyle seems to be the key to sustainable health. Suitable for every lifestyle and diet, we are increasingly offering you a larger selection of vegan (protein) products from IronMaxx® Nutrition

Preparation and recommended dosage: Add 30 g of powder (about 3 heaped tablespoons) and 300 ml of cold water to the mixing cup and shake for 20 seconds. Drink 1 – 4 servings daily to achieve the indicated positive effect. It is recommended to consume it before sports or competitions, immediately after training and before going to bed.

Notes: Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Per 100 g Per serving (30g)

Energy 1661 kJ / 394 kcal 498kJ / 118 kcal
Fats 8.8 g   2.6 g
of which saturated 2.3 g   0.7 g
Carbohydrates 5.4 g    1.6 g
of which sugars 2.9 g    0.9 g
Protein 70 g   21 g
Salt 2.1 g   0.64 g