KFD Beta Alanine Tropical 300g


KFD Premium Beta-Alanine is a 100% pure beta-alanine which is a building part of carnosine – a dipeptide stored in muscles.

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KFD Premium Beta-Alanine is a 100% pure beta-alanine which is a building part of carnosine – a dipeptide stored in muscles. Anti-oxidant features of carnosine decrease the toxicity of reactive oxygen species, and its chelate effects reflectin decreased toxicity of metal ions.

Beta-alanine supplementation improves the endurance, so may be used by every sportsperson, no matter if they do weight training, endurance workouts,strength-endurance trainings (crossfit) or martial arts.

Beta-alanine supplementation gives a range of positive effects: from more effective workouts due to the improved muscle endurance to better post-training regeneration and decreased tiredness.


– Beta-Alanine has hygroscopic properties (it is susceptible to moisture absorption). The formation of so-called lumps does not mean a loss of product properties. However, we recommend that you close the package tightly after each use to limit the ingress of moisture from the environment.

– The flavor recipe has been developed for 100 ml of water or juice. The information visible on the packaging (“150 – 200 ml”) took into account the manufacturer’s suggestions regarding the amount of liquid to be consumed with beta-alanine.

Nett weight: 300 g
Portions: 100

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