KFD Citrulline Premium Cola Lime 400g


KFD team managed to prepare 400 mg of L-citrulline malate into one serving of KFD PREMIUM CITRULLINE without adding any unnecessary additives, fillers, sweeteners or other amino acids

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What is KFD Citrulline?

KFD Premium Citrulline is as much as 400 g of the highest quality L-Citrulline Malate with the addition of our original flavour recipe. The product does not contain unnecessary fillers such as cheaper amino acids.

Citrulline can contribute to an increase in:

  • exercise capacity
  • concentration of nitric oxide in the blood
  • the effect of the so-called muscle pump

Every serving (5g) contains 4270mg of L-Citrulline Malate and 2420mg L-Citrulline.

Recommended Use:

Mix one measuring scoop with 150-200 ml of water or juice and stir it thoroughly. For the best results use it before your workout and do not exceed one serving a day.

This also come in orange flavour: https://proteinmalta.com/product/kfd-citrulline-orange-400g/


Nutritional Information : 

Per serving –

l-citrulline malate   4750 mg

of which l citrulline   3250 mg



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