IronMaxx Protein Pudding Vanilla


With 80% protein
Low-fat dessert
Reduced carbohydrate
Tasty taste and easy preparation with water
Ideal for building muscle and maintaining muscle in the diet *

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What is IronMaxx Protein Pudding?

The protein pudding provides an optimal whey-casein mixture with 80% high-quality protein. The short-chain Whey provides the muscles with the essential amino acids in no time at all. On the other hand, the long-chain casein provides a steady, long-lasting amino acid level in the blood and ensures long-term protein supply of the muscles.

The preparation is very easy: just put powder and water in a shaker, shake and finish the protein pudding. Its preparation with water makes it ideal for athletes who pay attention to a low-fat protein supply while on the go.


Protein Blend (95.4%) (Calcium Caseinate (89%) (milk), Whey Protein Concentrate (Whey Protein (milk), Emulsifier (Lecithins)), Aroma, Thickener (Xanthan), Sweetener (Sucralose), Dye (Beta Carotene) , dearomatized vanilla powder, salt.

May contain traces of lupine, soya, gluten and eggs.

Nutritional Values

Typical Values Per Serving Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1580
Energy (kcal) 372
Carbohydrates (g) 2.6
Of which sugars (g) 0.6
Protein (g) 84
Fat (g) 1.6
Of which saturates (g) 0.2
Salt (g)
Amino acids
Isoleucine (mg) 4200
Leucine (mg) 7728
Lysine (mg) 6300
Valine (mg) 5544
Phenylalanine (mg) 3948
Threonine (mg) 3360
Methionine (mg) 2184
Tryptophan (mg) 1092
Glutamine (mg) 17388
Asparagine (mg) 5628
Arginine (mg) 2940
Proline (mg) 7980
Serine (mg) 4620
Alanine (mg) 2940
Glycine (mg) 1428
Tyrosine (mg) 4200
Histidine(mg) 2520
Cysteine (mg) 504

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