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The unique patented capsule design uses no additional mixing accessories (like grids or wire balls) The design forces liquid around the bottle resulting in ZERO protein (or other sports supplement mixture) being stuck in the bottom of the shaker.

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Why makes ShakeSphere shakers unique?

For years fitness enthusiasts have had to endure messy mixing balls, gunky grids, protein that gets stuck in the corners and a major cleaning operation. ShakeSphere deals with all these problems and more. The capsule shape breaks down protein powders by shaking shakesphere the mixture passes around the hemisphere base at lid at speed. The centrifugal force pushes the mixture around the capsule shape and inertia breaks down the powdered mix in a flash. ShakeSphere has a round base and round lid which creates a capsule shape therefore you do not require any mixing accessories such as a ball or mesh in order to achieve superior mixing as the shape of the bottle does the mixing for you. All ShakeSphere Shakers are so easy to clean you don’t even need to put them in the dishwasher.

Traditional shakers cost you more than you think, see how ShakeSphere compares.

  • Around the hemisphere base is a rotating pill section. You can store pills, vitamins, jewellery, locker key, gym passes etc.
  • Connecting to the base we have a screw off storage which is great for your powders and snacks.
  • Silicone Engineered slide cap.

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