Body Attack Protein Donuts
Body attack protein donut chocolate

Body Attack Protein Donuts Box Of 15


Body Attack Protein Donut

If you like donuts, you will simply love our protein donuts! You can choose between our yummy chocolate and our fruity-berry donut. No matter which one you go for, both of our protein donuts taste fantastic and offer top nutritional values. With the Body Attack protein donuts you can now enjoy yummy donuts not only on cheat day.

The Body Attack protein donut tastes fantastic and come with considerably less fat than traditional donuts and fewer calories. Normally, this classic American treat is fried in generous amounts of fat. This is why 100 g of traditional donut generally contains 25 g of fat; whereby the Body Attack protein donut only has 15 g of fat. This makes a difference of 90 kcal in total, making the protein donut a good alternative for a healthy, low-fat diet.