KFD Vitamin D3


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What is KFD Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is necessary for connection to bones and teeth. It also participates in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Its deficiency can lead, among others for rickets – involving bones and teeth, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases (eg multiple sclerosis), cancer, as well as the process of making the ageing process. Each capsule contains up to 2000 IU of vitamin D3.

Advantages of using KFD Vitamin D3:

– Lower risk of osteoporosis in elderly age.
– physical input.
– Positive impact on mobility and functioning of joints.
– Lower risk of cancer, diabetes, depression and heart disease.

Directions for Use:

It is recommended to consume 1 portion (1 tablet) per day. Take the tablet whole and drink it with water.

Nutritional Values

Typical Values Per Serving Per 100g
Vitamin D 100 µg (4000 iu)

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