by Dr Danica Bonello Spiteri MD MRCP M.Sc.(SRM), M.Sc.(Sp.Biomech)

As we grow older and we get wrinkles, grey hair and osteoarthritis.

The knee joints are large joints that help support our body weight during every day activities, and even more so whilst running, where the loading on the knee joint could easily be 3-5 times your body weight. 

Joints are also made up of cartilage, which tends to wear and tear as we grow older, and eventually we develop ‘osteoarthritis’

One must not think of osteoarthritis as a ‘disease’ in itself, but it is the normal ageing process. We grow older and we get wrinkles, grey hair and osteoarthritis. So if we invest in colouring our hair roots, use various products to delay wrinkles, then why not invest in your joint health too?

Our joints have cartilage within them, which we need to protect. This can be done through providing the joints with a good supply of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyalauronic acid – all of which are normal ingredients found in healthy cartilage. 

We also know that natural plant extracts such as Boswellia serrata and ginger are reknowned for their anti-inflammatory properties, whilst vitamin C and Manganese complement the ani-inflammatory action too.

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